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Qigong - a meditation in motion

Qigong - is a practice of breathing and gentle movements in presence and with focus. A soft qigong with basic movements that anyone can take part in based on their own conditions. We do qigong to relax, stay in the here and now, expand our presence and recharge with energy.

Qigong was developed in China as one of five methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). China's spiritual tradition and martial arts have also contributed to the development of qigong. There are more than 2,000 styles of qigong, two of the most famous in Sweden are the Biyun method and Zhineng qigong. Basically one can say that qigong is focus, breathing and slow movements, to increase the flow of energy in the body. Qi means life energy, gong means long-term work, qigong is a practice with your life energy for a long time. How long? As long as you breathe. Everyone can join in and do qigong – whether you've been doing qigong all your life or are going to do it for the first time doesn't matter. There are as many ways to practice qigong as there are practitioners. It's a balance, a dynamic, between following the group doing the same moves, and doing them in your own unique way. In all situations it is a meditation – meditation in motion.

”Qi gong is for you to carefully nurture your body to achieve great physical strength, vitality, harmonious mind, Youthfulness, calmness, kindness, courage, good habits, freedom from fear."(Carlos Luna, ’Vägen’)

I offer a simple qigong based on Luna Taiji-Qigong which is exercise with breathing, balance, flexibility, coordination and meditation. With slow movements we focus on presence, both in the body and here & now, and do conscious, deep breathing.

Who is this for?

Anyone can do Qigong no matter what condition you are in. You can do it by sitting or lying down, you can do it by just imagine it and it makes a difference in the body. The mental training can almost be even stronger than when you do the physical movements. So this is for everyone, young as elder. Participants that join my courses can be 3 years old up to 90 years old, pregnant and sometimes with newborn. Many people with stress symptoms and chronic pain experience a big difference from regularly practicing Qigong.


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