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COMING UP - Trainings, Silent retreat & Festivals

Urkult Festival in Näsåker 4-6th August

Qigong of the Heart at Kvinnominnemuseet


Ängsbacka, Molkom, Värmland 9-14th August

Qigong of the Heart every morning in the Strawbalehouse at the Sexsibility festival


Training every week: Mondays kl 7-8.15 pm 19-20.15

at Kvinnominnemuseet, Näsåker.

Free trial for New beginners. Terminskort 1700 Sek or drop in 150 Sek.


Silent Retreat for women, 17-20 August 2023, Skogsnäs, Ramsele

Do you long for stillness and peace, to land in your heart and listen inwards? Do you long for silence and sisterhood, to enjoy nature, the forest, the water streams and feel the wind on your face? Then a quiet retreat for women is something that might suit you.

We meet for a dinner at Thursday night, meditate and share in the circle, and enter in silence as we say goodnight. We put away our mobile phones, computers, watches and books and then let the weekend be in silence with qigong, silent and dynamic meditations, breathing, forest walks etc. You will find your own meditation place out in nature where you can listen to your heart in silence and peace. If necessary, you can meet one of the leaders and talk. We leave the silence at lunch on Sunday and say goodbye to each other at afternoon coffee.


Gröna Huset is located in Skogsnäs in the western part of Ångermanland. It is surrounded by silent vast forests and in the untouched nature you can hear the sound of the water streams and the singing of the birds. Gröna Huset is a small hotel with 7 double rooms, 3 single rooms, dining room, large conference room, library, balcony and a beautiful garden. Each room is individually designed and decorated to reflect a small part of all the world's cultures and in our kitchen the world's different food cultures meet. The base of all cooking here is slow food, where the ingredients mostly come from local producers. It is home-grown ingredients or it is taken from our travels.


The leader Isis Ingrid Frideborgsdotter is a journalist, author, qigong teacher, coach, acupressor, tao masseur and nurse. She has run the center Heart & Hand - Isis Gudinnetempel on Söder in Stockholm as well as the Himlagjord Retreat center on Ramsö in the Stockholm archipelago, where she had silent retreats, Tao massage courses, women's courses, qigong courses, etc. Isis has had circles, courses and coached women for 25 years. She is passionate about peace on earth and believes that we need to start within ourselves first. Love and sisterhood, safety and presence are her core principles. Assistants are Olga Madhu Krikun, breathing and stress trainer and meditation leader, and Julia Rubulis, who has been an assistant on many of Isis' women's courses.


Date: Thursday, August 18th at 6 p.m. until Sunday 21st August at 3 p.m.


This is how a day can look like (note - preliminary - subject to change) 8 - 9.30 Qigong of the Heart 7-10 Brunch 11-12 Private meditation 12-14 Qigong/breathing/meditation/dynamic meditation 14.30 Coffee 15-17 Your own meditation out in nature at your place. Alternatively, walking meditation in the forest. 17-19 Dinner 19-21 Evening gathering/meditation

Contact me for registration. Welcome!

Ingrid Isis Frideborgsdotter


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