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More about Ingrid Isis Frideborgsdotter

For me, Qigong is an invitation to get deeper in contact with one's heart and feel love for oneself, nature and the surroundings - I see it as a work for peace on the earth. The presence is absolutely beautiful.

I have been doing this for 20 years and started as an apprentice to Carlos Luna for a few years. Qigong was my way back after a period of burnout with stress symptoms that showed as pain in the heart and with a headache that put an end to my job as a journalist. After 5 years of Qigong, I declared myself well again and restored. I know this helps, so for me it's so nice to be able to share this with more people. I have attended the Qigong Academy, which is a 3-year program and together with acupressure and Tao massage, I have a good knowledge in Eastern medicine. I have trained several different Qigong forms and I have trained for Taiji masters in China and for Li Jing who is a world taiji champion.

"We shall live Qigong", says my master. When I stand with my feet, shoulder width apart and take a deep breath and feel the connection with the earth and feel the connection with the sky, I feel this stillness and presence and love from just that. This is what I want to share, to anchor in one's heart, to be able to feel love both for oneself and for all living things.



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